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Recommended Products
  • W2008P Alphanumeric Pager
  • W2008P Alphanumeric PagerThis range of alphanumeric pager is capable of working with either synthesized or crystal locked frequency. It can store 19 personal messages and 12 mail drop messages, each with 1400 ASCII code.
  • W2018P Alphanumeric Pager
  • W2018P Alphanumeric PagerThis range of alphanumeric pager has 4 different tone alerts, the ccp selected continuous audible alert, programming selected standard alert tone for different function calls and emergency alert with fixed tone and vibration.
  • Ultra Thin Waterproof Pager
  • Waterproof Hospital PagerDue to the built-in RFID reader, the waterproof hospital pager enables users to enter in or go out of a room with information of their name and working department displayed for identification all the time.
  • Waterproof Two Way Pager
  • Waterproof Two Way PagerThe two way pager supports wireless charging, which brings users operation convenience. This GPS pager or GPRS pager can be optionally added with the RFID reader, compass as well as other devices.
  • W2004F Alphanumeric Pager
  • W2004F Alphanumeric PagerThis range of alphanumeric pager is characterized by compact structure, delicate look and high data transmission speed. It is designed with the LED backlight for easy readability.
  • W2092F Numeric Pager
  • W2092F Numeric Pager Manufactured with the premium quality engineering material, the shell of this communication device is hard to be damaged as the product accidentally falls off or collides with other objects.
  • Receiver Decoder Board
  • Receiver Decoder Boardince the flex network is an existing public service platform, user of our receiver decoder boars do not need to employ the transmitter. In fact, the wireless service can cover the whole city in many countries.
  • 900Mhz Flex Decoder Board
  • 900Mhz Flex Decoder Board Unlike the ordinary wireless receiving device, this flex decoder board adopts the double-conversion superheterodyne. It features exceptional interference resistance and high receiving sensitivity.